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Core Occupational Therapy

We have therapists that work in different areas that require unique experience and skill sets. Let us help you make the right match for on-going therapy: 

Paediatrics and Key Worker

Specialized occupational therapy services for children, including early intervention and support.

Dedicated key worker support for families navigating developmental challenges.

Physical and Neurological 

Comprehensive therapy solutions addressing physical and neurological conditions.

Tailored interventions to enhance mobility, coordination, and independence.

Mental Health 

Holistic approach to mental wellness, offering strategies to cope with daily challenges.

Therapeutic interventions promoting emotional regulation and resilience.

Aged Care and Elderly

Customised care plans to support the unique needs of older adults.

Enhancing quality of life through adaptive strategies and personalised interventions.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing 

Specialised services catering to individuals with hearing impairments.

Communication solutions and adaptive techniques to optimise participation and engagement.


Celebrating neurodiversity and providing inclusive support for diverse cognitive profiles.

Tailored interventions to foster strengths and overcome challenges.

Persistent Pain 

Multidisciplinary approach to managing chronic pain and improving function.

Techniques to enhance pain management and promote overall well-being.

Capacity Building and Skill Development 

Empowering individuals to develop essential life skills and maximize independence.

Structured programs to build confidence and achieve personal goals.

Complex Emotional Regulation & Behaviour Support 

Specialised interventions to manage complex emotional and behavioural challenges.

Collaborative strategies to promote self-regulation and social engagement.

Specialty Assessments

Specialty Assessments unique to Occupational Therapists that support your applications and funding requests. 

Assistive technology

Discover innovative tools and devices to enhance daily living.

Personalized solutions to promote independence and accessibility.

Minor and Complex Home Modifications

Customised home adaptations to meet individual needs.

Expert guidance on minor adjustments to major renovations for improved 

Functional Capacity Assessments 

Objective evaluations of physical and cognitive abilities tailored for NDIS applications or reviews.

Comprehensive assessments guiding rehabilitation plans and lifestyle adjustments to support NDIS eligibility and ongoing support.

NDIS Access Reports

Thorough assessments to support NDIS eligibility applications.

Detailed reports outlining functional limitations and support needs for NDIS access.

Home and Living Assessment

Comprehensive evaluations of home environments and in-person support needs.

Tailored assessments determining required support levels, including hourly rates and staffing ratios, to facilitate independent living.

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