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The name New Potential comes from our mission, our purpose and what drives us.

That is:

We are here to help others reach new heights, accomplish goals and overcome barriers that they never knew they could.

We aren’t just here to help you reach your potential. We will do everything we can to help you surpass your own expectations and find your NEW POTENTIAL.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support growth and fulfilment to everyone, and thing, that New Potential reaches. We wish to make a positive impact on not only our participants but our employees, collaborators, community, environment and the world of disability and therapy.

New Potential Logo

At New Potential, we follow a capacity-building approach in our therapy services. We strive to enhance the participants' skills, abilities, and knowledge to achieve their goals and live meaningful lives. Our therapists are encouraged to adopt a collaborative and empowering approach, working alongside participants and their support networks to develop their strengths, foster independence, and build self-confidence.

Our ultimate goal is to instil the knowledge and skills needed for our participants and their support to achieve their goals without the need for therapists. We want to provide you with a New Potential that allows you to direct your growth.

Capacity Building Approach

New Potential Logo


New Potential prioritises person/family-centered care. This means that we place the participant at the center of their therapy journey, valuing their unique preferences, goals, and aspirations. We encourage our therapists to actively involve participants in decision-making processes, ensuring their voices are heard and respected. By fostering a collaborative therapeutic relationship, we support our participants to achieve their goals for themselves. 

New Potential Logo

As part of our commitment to providing comprehensive and holistic care, we have therapists trained in the Key-Worker Model (KWM). In this model, the Key Worker is the main point of contact and coordinator of therapy interventions for the participant and their family/carers. The therapist will collaborate with other professionals, service providers, and the participant's support network to ensure a cohesive and integrated approach. This model enables continuity of care and promotes effective communication among all stakeholders involved in the participant's journey. 

Key Worker Model and Interdisciplinary Approach

New Potential Logo
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